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IT Operations Management (ITOM)

IT Operations Management (ITOM) in ServiceNow encompasses the set of practices, policies, and tools used to manage and maintain an organization’s IT infrastructure and operations. ServiceNow’s ITOM solution provides a comprehensive platform for monitoring, managing, and optimizing IT infrastructure, services, and operations to ensure high availability, performance, and security.

Its capabilities cover a wide range of functions, including infrastructure discovery, event management, cloud management, service mapping, and operational intelligence. These capabilities are designed to provide organizations with greater visibility into their IT environment, automate routine tasks, and proactively identify and resolve IT issues before they impact the business.

By leveraging ServiceNow’s ITOM solution, organizations can achieve improved operational efficiency, reduced downtime, and enhanced service reliability. Additionally, ITOM helps organizations to align IT operations with business objectives, optimize resource utilization, and improve the overall user experience.